John Coffey at the Harrisonville Kiln

John Coffey at the Kiln

We are Problem Solvers. At Harrisonville Electric, we solve a wide variety of electrical problems for businesses and homes. The variety we’re able to offer is part of what makes our jobs interesting, as well as what allows us to create and build relationships.

For example, one customer could come to our location on Sanders Street, and while discussing an outdoor  lighting problem on their Lee’s Summit home, which we could fix with our 60 ft. bucket truck, we discover a problem with, and then repair, their motor control on their farm in Peculiar, and later install energy efficient lighting at their work facility in Belton.

The diversity of challenges our friends and clients in and around Harrisonville bring us make our work much more rewarding. In one week we might  hook up injection molding machines at a plastics plant, install energy efficient lighting at a warehouse, later fix a malfunction at grain bin that occurred 30 ft. up and then install new outlets in a residence. We look forward to the variety and exercising our capabilities!

Our customers appreciate being able to count on one resource for all their electrical needs. The majority of our work comes from  people who we’ve worked with in the past, who trust us and know we’ll do an excellent job for them.

We have the highest certification possible for electricians – Master Electrician – and are bonded and insured.

Our staff, headed by John Coffey, has many years of experience in the electrical industry, but also as valuable members of construction teams. As a result, we are electrical specialists with a broad understanding of the inner workings of buildings.

A job well done is its own satisfaction, and is what we pursue. It’s rewarding to do a complex job like fixing an assembly line and then watching it in action, and it’s gratifying to restore electricity to a family’s home as well.

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